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Filson Weatherproof Leather Bag Collection

Filson keeps pushing their luxe side further to the fore, this time with a collection of bags made with weatherproof leather. Sure, your classic tin cloth briefcase will last you until you’re dead. But, if you want to carry your luggage with you into the afterlife, you’d best be prepared with one of their all leather versions.

The leather comes from Horween and is deemed weatherproof, though they don’t explicitly say why they are as such. But you’ll find each piece uses beefy bridle leather from Wickett & Craig for the leather straps and trimming. Inside, Filson’s proprietary rugged twill and dry finish tin cloth provide the lining and pocketing. Brass hardware, as always.

Don’t forget to pack your bags with a few coins and your dopest outfit for when you cross over.

Available from $795-$1295 at Filson.