Self Edge Presents: Weaving Shibusa Documentary World Premiere

It’s been quite some time since we sat down with director Devin Leisher about his film Weaving Shibusa. The wait is finally over.

Presented by Self Edge, Weaving Shibusa is a documentary which focuses on Japan’s storied denim industry. Filmed by Devin Leisher, Erik Motta, and Mehdi Ahmadi, Weaving Shibusa goes throughout Japan to talk with the legends of the Japanese denim revival like Masayoshi Kobayashi of The Flat Head, Shinichi Haraki of Iron Heart as well as members of the Osaka 5.

The film seeks to unveil the truths about the industry from the makers themselves and will be the first ever documentary to tackle Japan’s denim industry at length. With brands that have such strong roots in America’s past, it also poses the question of their futures.

Self Edge will hold the film’s premiere in San Francisco’s historic Castro Theater on August 6th at 8:30pm with a party afterward. Tickets are available on Self Edge’s site for $18.00, more information can be found at Weaving Shibusa’s website.