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The Flat Head Cordovan Deerskin Hiking Boots

The Flat Head‘s Cordovan Deerskin Hiking Boots put the classically superluxe leather to interestingly rugged use. That said, you can still expect to pay deerly (sorry, couldn’t not) for the cordovan leather that decks out these hiking boots.

Constructed with two contrasting leathers – supposedly a horses’ rump’s worth of shell cordovan, and extra thick vegetable tanned deerskin – the white panel stitching helps to further emphasize the complementary color and sheen of the unique leathers. The sole is stitched down, which makes it especially water-resistant.

The boots are luxuriously padded at the ankles, with sheepskin lining, and give a subtle nod to finery with the pinked fringe at the throat line. The makers purport that break-in time is minimal and that the kicks are as light as a pair of basketball sneakers.

Available for $1,496 AUD (~$1140 USD) at Corlection.