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Left Field NYC 12oz. Indigo Selvedge Bedford Cord Chinos

When I was very young, my family moved from Dallas to a small UK town about 100km north of London called Bedford. I don’t know whether it was the relative isolation, bad feelings from the airbase in WWII, or something in the water, but they had nothing but loathing for Americans. People would shout “go home, yank!” in the streets, we’d have groceries knocked out of our hands at Tesco, and my brother’s teacher instructed him not to sing in the school pageant for his accent.

We left after a year, but the distaste for Bedford remains. That is, until these new 12oz. indigo selvedge Bedford Cloth chinos from Left Field hit the scene. Bedford cloth, the fabric, is just like corduroy but without the nep, so it’s hardwearing, but a bit better for warmer weather.

All the Left Field details remain: raised belt loops, 1940’s style metal buttons, and it’s all cut and sewn in USA. Best part, you don’t have to go to Bedford to buy them; they’re available for $220 at Left Field.