Seed to Sew – PF Flyers and Gitman Bros. Vintage Collaborate in USA


Ah collaborations; the sweet time when two (or more) like-minded brands can come together and create something that exemplifies the best of everyone involved. We recently had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of an upcoming project between two stalwarts of American manufacturing: shirtmaker Gitman Bros. Vintage and footwear brand PF Flyers.

Over the course of two years, the brands collaborated on a version of PF’s Made in USA Center Hi sewn from Gitman’s domestic “Seed to Sew” indigo denim fabric. In the video above, we chat with GBV’s President Chris Olberding and PF’s head of Global Merchandise Manager Chris Tobias about what each brand brought to the table as well as visit both Gitman’s factory in Ashland, Pennsylvania and the New Balance factory in Boston, Massachusetts where the shoes were made.

The Gitman Bros. Vintage x PF Flyers Center Hi shoes are available at PF Flyers and select stockists for $159.00.

Shot and directed by Ryan Lindow, produced by Nick Coe and David Shuck.