Truman Boot Company Iceberg Kudu Leather Made-to-Order Boots

Truman Boot Company have had some solid releases over the past few months, but this one might beat them all in the uniqueness department. Their new Iceberg Kudu Leather Boots are made with antelope leather from southern Africa that prove to be both supple and strong with an unlike-any-other (leather) look. Part of their interesting appearance is due to the tanning process, which was originally designed to maximize mellowness of calf skin. Pair this with a full wax impregnation process and the grain marks show through beautifully.

All leather facts aside, one of the coolest parts about these boots is that they are made to order and therefore totally customizable, with a full range of soles, toe styles, and hardware options to choose from.

Available starting at $500 at Truman Boot Company.