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Evisu EGD2000S2001/003 #2000 Straight Fit Red Selvedge Daikoku Paint Jeans

Oh Evisu, what happened to you? The brand was once the paragon of Japanese repro denim in the early 90s; back in the days they went by “Evis” (y’know like Levi’s), until a lawsuit made them update to their current eponym.

The construction and fabric choices on their jeans are still superlative, but their details and designs have gone a little off the rails. They’ve pushed the envelope so much it fell off the table and into a Lisa Frank trapper-keeper.

Their latest pair, the mouthful EGD2000S2001/003 #2000, is a straight leg vintage style pair with hidden rivets and one on the crotch, two-tone stitching, and a red Evisu tab. They look innocuous enough from the front, then flip them over and it looks like you got into a bad batch of French Vanilla at Yogurtland. There’s probably a market for that, but it’s not this guy.

If it’s for you, you can find them for $255 at Denimio.