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Nigel Cabourn Lybro Blue Selvedge Denim USMC Cap

We know selvedge is likely constantly on your mind. So why not have some selvedge actually on your head? Lybro is the lower-priced sub-label of Nigel Cabourn and they’ve got your denim dome covered. Their Blue Selvedge Denim USMC Cap, based on ye military caps of olde, is made of a lightweight 2×1 right-hand denim and features a simple snap adjustment at the back. If you want to go full Nigel, they’ve made it so that you can have the brim flipped up or down.

Now you can have your mind on your selvedge, and selvedge on your mind. Available at The Bureau Belfast for £65 for E.U. buyers or £54 (~$71) for non-E.U. buyers.