Ooe Yofukuten x Standard & Strange OA02XX-1966 One Wash Time Machine Jeans

“What year is this??” Is something you might reasonably exclaim after having a look at Ooe Yofukuten‘s latest collaboration. The cult Japanese brand teamed up for the second time with Oakland boutique Standard & Strange for their OA02XX-1966 jeans.

As you might expect, this pair is based off a 1966 501 with a 13.5oz. selvedge denim, but when they didn’t have access to deadstock denim from that era, they did the next best thing – they time washed it! Most denim washes are designed to break down and distress denim so it looks like it’s been worn. The patent-pending 50 year “Time Machine Wash” is designed to make it look like its sat on a shelf for five decades. With a slightly crisper hand and a green caste, the Time Machine Wash is apparently almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This process is done entirely on the fresh denim roll but the jeans are once washed so you don’t have to worry about sizing.

You can revisit the past for $375 at Standard & Strange.