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Yuketen Natural All Handsewn Maine Guide 6 Eye Boot

Any avid outdoorsman will tell you that their boots are one of the most important pieces of their wardrobe. And for those who want to earn a crazy patina to their favorite all terrain footwear, Yuketen is on the same page with their new Handsewn Maine Guide Boot.

More than just part of the title,  this boot was fully constructed in Maine, USA, by skilled artisans and features hand sewing throughout. The leather is Horween‘s full grain natural Chromexcel for the uppers with a sewn plug and leather insoles. The Vibram 2021 sole fits the profile perfectly, and helps reduce the overall weight – perfect for thrashing those backwoods trails with. Another standout feature is the sewn on leather pull straps in the rear, so you can pull them on, pull them off, and hang them to dry with ease.

Available for $644 at The Bureau Belfast.