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Harrington Style Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Harrington style jackets are some of the most iconic lightweight jackets on the market, particularly to those who appreciate preppy clothing or British motorcycle styles.

For those who are unfamiliar with the garment, it’s a simple zip-front jacket that features two buttoned hand pockets, a double-button banded collar, ribbed cuffs and waistband, and usually a tartan lining fabric. For over fifty years, different brands have been reinterpreting the Harrington jacket, but it’s hard to beat the classic.

1) Baracuta: G9 Modern Classic Harrington Jacket in Burgundy


Baracuta was the original designer of the Harrington jacket, and their G9 Modern Classic stays as true to the original as possible. The outer shell is constructed from a poly-cotton blend, and is lined with a traditional tartan. It features matching buttons throughout, not only for the front hand pockets and collar, but also for a small internal pocket. The jacket is finished with tonal ribbing at the cuffs and hem, which is sure to help keep you warm for the upcoming brisk, fall mornings.

Available for $390 from Baracuta.

2) Ball and Buck: The Harrington Jacket in Waxed Navy


What I most appreciate about Ball and Buck is their ability to stay true to the original while still adding their own flair. Their Harrington Jacket retains the ribbed cuffs and hem, as well as the flapped pockets; however, rather than using a button closure for the hand pockets they opted for snaps, which are also present at the collar.

As is the case for most of their jackets, Ball and Buck added additional fabric on the right shoulder, a feature designed to pad the jacket from the stock of a rifle or shotgun. The entire jacket is constructed from a waxed canvas making it your perfect fall counterpart.

Available for $398 from Ball and Buck.

3) Barbour Steve McQueen: Merchant Wax Jacket in Olive


Like Ball and Buck, Barbour took some liberties when designing their latest Harrington-style jacket, the Merchant Wax Jacket in Olive. They too decided to feature snapped closures rather than buttoned closures, a small change but certainly one that alters the wear-ability of the jacket. Furthermore, they decided to add a full quilted lining; although this will definitely help their Harrington to be wearable in colder weather it is sad to see Barbour forgo the tartan lining that many of us have come to know and love.

Available for $285 from End Clothing.

4) Orvis: Weatherbreaker in Tan/Red


Orvis has long been known for their durable, utilitarian garments, but that doesn’t mean their designs don’t look good. Their Weatherbreak is about as traditional of a Harrington as possible, and everything about it looks on point. The style is consistent with the original, featuring all the correct ribbing, buttons, and pockets. They even went the extra mile and included a proper tartan lining. They might not be a brand that the fashion-inclined consider when looking for a new jacket, but they definitely deserve a look-see.

Available for $169 from Orvis.

5) Private White VC: Waxed Cotton Harrington Jacket in Navy


Private White VC has their own take on this classic jacket with their Waxed Cotton Harrington. The details on this jacket are very similar to those we have seen previously, although they managed to create a very different silhouette. Although this jacket features traditional ribbing, it is hidden within the sleeve and beneath the hem, which gives a completely different look. Private White VC also opted to go for snaps rather than buttons, but made sure their copper Riri snaps matched the front zipper — a small but appreciated detail.

Available for $300 from Standard & Strange.

Plus One – Golden Bear: Barracuda Leather Jacket in Medium Brown


The original Harrington jacket was released by Baracuta, so I understand why Golden Bear called their interpretation the Barracuda — but at the same time, I’m disappointed it’s not the “Bear”acuda. But c’est la vie. Naming aside, this jacket holds an interesting place in the market. Harringtons are generally considered to be lightweight jackets, so it’s refreshing to see it offered as a heavier leather jacket. It might not feature the usual ribbing, but that works well with the altered material of the jacket.

Available for $895 from Club Monaco.

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