Japan Blue JB0606 High Tapered Zimbabwe x Memphis Cotton Bi-blend Denim

Some of my favorite releases this past year have been from an increasingly popular Zimbabwe cotton-based denim. Forever pushing the boundaries of the blue jean, Japan Blue is taking this denim to a whole new level (of texture) with their new JB0606 that features a Zimbabwe and Memphis cotton bi-blend.

Ok, ok, so is this denim really as cool as it sounds, or am I just paying for the rights to say my pants were made with cotton from around the world? JB is excited about more than just the novelty of their denim, in fact they have downright called it epic. The beauty of Zimbabwe cotton is the characteristic of long fibers that makes for a very soft-to-the-touch denim, while the Memphis cotton is known for its heavy and coarse feel. Blend these two opposites together and you get a unique denim that is tough while feeling soft, and will surely make for a great wearing and fading experience. It comes in their sought after high tapered fit. The best part is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Available for $130 at Okayama Denim.