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The Hill-Side Japanamerica Type II Souvenir Jackets

The word souvenir is adapted from the French verb “to remember”. But even if I were much older, I don’t think I would remember souvenir jackets like this.

The Hill-Side has teamed up with LA vintage and chain stitch embroidery-gurus Lot, Stock, and Barrel to create some limited editions of their Type II “Japanamerica” denim jackets for retailer Stag. The base jacket itself is a takeoff of the classic Levi’s Type II denim jacket, with its knife pleats, double pockets and all, and crossed with a WWII era Japanese flight jacket (that’s where the belt and the D-pockets come in).

LS&B takes the crossover one step further with chain stitch embroidery of California style scenes in the Japanese souvenir style. Basically, it would take a team of cultural anthropologists at least a semester to dig up all the influences happening in this piece. If you’d like to get a crack at it though, you’ll have to be quick, only a handful were made and they’re available exclusively at Stag Provisions.