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Alden x Unionmade D6710C Stoneman Cordovan Chukka Boot in Black

George Stoneman, Jr. was one of the highest ranking Union cavalry officers in the Civil War. His units were often tasked with raiding deep into Confederate territory and disrupting supply chains. You may know him from The Band song “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”, (‘Til Stoneman’s cavalry came and they broke up the tracks again.)

Today, Stoneman rides again, in the form of an Alden chukka collaboration with Unionmade. Obviously, the boot is made of horse shell cordovan, the closely grouped leather on a horse’s posterior, and obviously it has a rubber commando tread sole. The blacked out rider is on Alden’s Barrie last, so remember it’ll run a half size larger than your true size.

Saddle up for $769 at Unionmade.