Engineered Garments Workaday Indigo Heavy Denim Fatigue Pant

As seldom as it may be, I’ll admit that even I sometimes tire of the trusty 5-pocket denim jean. And when that happens, I can’t help but give special consideration to and derive inspiration from anything that’s a little out of the norm and still offers up an appreciable level of quality, thought, and design.

You might think I’m talking about Standard & Stange‘s Black Friday email, but I’m really referring to the Indigo Heavy Denim Fatigue Pant from Engineered Garments Workaday, the more subdued, practical version of Engineered Garments.

Given the historical background of the fatigue, the pants are detailed with a number of workwear elements, from the black suspender buttons and side waistband loops to the square pockets and casual/loose silhouette. The contrasting, high count stitch lend a vintage feel to the pants, not to mention the greyish weft which was previously common during austere times when white yarn wasn’t readily available and was blended with other threads.

Available at The Bureau Belfast for £166.00 (outside of the E.U.) or £200.00 (inside the E.U.).