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Freenote Cloth Classic Jacket in Japanese 7-Wale Corduroy

In my opinion, corduroy wales are like golf, the lower your number the better. Corduroy is measured in what’s called wales, which are the little nubs in the fabric per inch. The higher the count, the smaller the nubs, and vice versa. For the past few years, we’ve been in a little wale era in fashion, but things just got BIGGER.

Freenote Cloth is apparently of the same opinion as I, as their latest release is in a thumb-bumping seven wales per inch. The fabric was sourced from Japan’s Yoshiwa Mills and was done up in Freenote’s trucker-esque Classic Jacket pattern. I had the pleasure of trying on a sample at Market Week last winter and it’s like being hugged by a cocker spaniel – fuzzy, warm, and long-haired.

Only 40 were made in brown and gold and they’re available for $300 at Freenote Cloth.