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Please Vote Today, Read Us Tomorrow

In the five and a half years of this website, we’ve regularly posted at least once everyday to bring you the latest happenings in the raw denim and heritage/vintage clothing scene. Today, we’ve decided to postpone our usual flow of articles because we would like to encourage our American readers to vote in today’s election instead of spend their time on our site.

Much of our audience is international (including our Founding Editor Nick, hi Nick!), but a little over half is based in the United States. This isn’t to discount the importance of other world events, but the backbone of the raw denim and heritage/vintage clothing scene is very strongly in the U.S. and the policies and representatives here have a drastic effect on our industry. So, sorry non-Americans, you’re taking one for the team!

We don’t want to encourage you to vote for a particular candidate or platform, just to vote. It’s one of the few times in our society your voice can directly and immediately affect the greater world around you. Even if you have no interest in either presidential candidate, there are a host of other elections and initiatives on your ballot that will most likely directly affect your life.

In most states, your employer is legally obligated to give you the time you need off to cast your ballot so there’s really no excuse not to get yourself to the polls.

There are loads of great resources if you’re unsure where to vote or what your stance in this election. Vote 411 will tell you what the issues are on your ballot, where your polling location is, how to register (many states let you register same day), and what you need to bring to vote.

Heddels will be back here as usual tomorrow. So please, we ask you to take the ten or fifteen minutes you usually spend looking at fade pics and new releases and use it to go cast your ballot instead. Thank you for your time.

-The Heddels Editorial Team

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