RRL Black Indigo Cotton-Blend Donegal Cardigan

It’s finally November so we’re officially in sweater season now, right? For those who love to layer, there’s little better treat than a cardigan, which basically has all the comfort and ease of a Snuggie, but you still look like a functional human. Ah, cardigans, you’ve saved me many a day.

Wool is often the fiber of choice on the cardigan front, but the latest offering from RRL, Ralph Lauren’s “rugged” line, opts to blend a few rather than choose. The Indigo Cotton-Blend Cardigan is saddle-sleeved, with a chunky donegal knit (read: neppy pops of color), and a composition of cotton, lambswool, and nylon. As this piece is dyed with “true indigo”, dunno whether they mean natural or synthetic with that language (or a blend!), they advise you to beware transfer to fabrics, leather, and upholstery. Oh, Ralph, you don’t know who you’re talking to.

Available for $695 at RRL.