Wool and Leather Gloves – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Everyone needs a good pair of gloves this coming winter, but just because they are a functional piece of clothing doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice aesthetics. Bulky techwear gloves are warm and fingerless gloves are convenient, but nothing beats the classic wool/leather combination glove. We’ve put together a handful of the best options on the market – grab a pair, and be excited for those brisk autumn mornings.

1) Norse Projects x Hestra Svante: Elkskin/Wool Gloves in Charcoal


Hestra Svante is known for producing phenomenal gloves, and their recent collaboration with Norse Projects is nothing short of spectacular. This season’s gloves are made from soft elkskin, a lambswool-blend knit, and a polyester fleece lining, all of which help to create a glove that is comfortable, warm, and utilitarian.

Available for $155 from Need Supply.

2) Barbour: Acomb Tweed Gloves in Navy


Barbour is known for their British countryside inspired style, a motif that is very present in their Acomb Tweed Gloves. Constructed from leather and wool herringbone, these gloves are as attractive as they are functional. The fingers feature leather reinforcements, which makes these waterproof gloves even more robust, and the stud closure at the wrist ensures they will fit well.

Available for £60 from Outdoor and Country.

3) Upstate Stock: Ragg Deerskin/Wool Gloves in Black Melange


When it comes to combination leather/wool gloves it is sometimes hard to find one with a good balance between the two materials. Upstate Stock‘s Ragg Gloves are a perfect option for those who want a glove composed primarily of wool, but with a bit of leather for added utility. They feature deerskin padding at the palm and finger, which makes these gloves a bit more practical without making them unnecessarily stiff.

Available for £45 from Kafka Shop.

4) Alex Mill: Cashmere/Leather Gloves in Navy/Tan


Alex Mill produces another version of a wool glove with leather palm padding, but theirs is made from cashmere. The softness of the cashmere and functionality of the leather accents will make these gloves a favorite of yours during your morning commute. Although they may not be as water resistant as some of the other gloves on this list, the moisture wicking abilities of the cashmere will help keep these gloves dry regardless of weather.

Available for $115 from Alex Mill.

5) Orvis: Wool Backed Deerskin Gloves in Olive


Orvis is a American brand known for their wide array of hunting clothes and outdoorsy wears. The Wool Backed Deerskin Gloves that they are offering this winter are certainly a classic, featuring a black deerskin body with olive wool adorning the back of the hand. They’re lined with Thinsulate to add warmth without unnecessary bulk, and feature an elastic wrist cuff for a secure fit.

Available for $79 from Orvis.

Plus One – Dents England: Cashmere Lined Gloves in Brown Herringbone


Dents England is one of the most well known glove makers in the world, and the products they put out are always top notch. Their Cashmere Lined Brown Herringbone Gloves are an excellent example of their style – classic, refined, and luxurious. The back of this pair is constructed from Harris Tweed fabric, and the palm is made from a durable deerskin that is also used for the cuff strap. They’re lined with a beige cashmere, which adds all the warmth and comfort you could ever hope to find in a glove.

Available for $210 from No Man Walks Alone.