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Evan Kinori Melton Wool Pleated Jacket

Fall is my favorite time of year by a longshot. Summer heat and humidity breaks away and is replaced with cooler days as the trees begin to shed their leaves. My only gripe with fall is that it’s never long enough, and my lighter jackets get hung up only to be replaced with their wool and down counterparts. If you’ve ever found yourself like me, bummed out because your denim jacket just isn’t cutting through the wind of the colder months, Evan Kinori‘s new Melton Wool Pleated Jacket may be the piece you’ve been looking for.

With a cropped vintage style fit and pleated front, this dark navy heavyweight melton wool jacket will keep you warm while not being overly bulky. Imagine your favorite peacoat got a makeover from an old school cowboy, and you’ll be on the right track. French seams, tacked down pleats, and veg-tan leather washer backed YKK buttons ensure you are also getting a tough and functional piece, ready to be worn wherever it may go.

Available for $445 at Evan Kinori.