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Fade of the Day – Samurai Jeans S5000VX 21 oz. (3 Years, 1 Wash, 3 Soaks)

You never know where life will take you in three years time, but Daniel Fung of Sydney, Australia, spent a lot of that time in this pair of Samurai S5000VX 21 oz. jeans. The results of working two physically demanding and downright dirty jobs show in his fades…literally.

When Daniel first started wearing these jeans, he worked at a fish market that required lots of lifting, bending, and of course getting wet. The requirement of wearing boots all day did help along the fade process at the leg opening though, and so the crazy fading began. At some point he left that job and now works as a car mechanic, where he spends much of his days lying under cars covered in grease and grime.

Dirty jobs mean dirty fades, and that’s exactly the outcome on these Samurais, all with a shockingly low number of washes and soaks, too. Just check out the contrast between the lightning-esque whiskers and honeycombs and how washed out the rest of the jeans are. These things have earned their spot as today’s Fade of the Day; we’re just thankful we don’t have to smell them.