Jackson Wayne 8oz. Leather Messenger Bag


Leather weights work a little differently than denim weights. Fabric weight is measured by the weight of a square yard of the stuff and most of us know that, in the world of raw selvedge denim, 8oz. is fairly light, 14oz. is midrange, and 20oz. and up is some serious business. Leather is a completely different story. The “ounces” of weight actually refers to the leather’s thickness and one ounce is equal to 1/64th of an inch.

So a 3oz. leather patch (like the one on most jeans) is actually 3/64ths of an inch. And an 8oz. leather like this one from Jackson Wayne, is 1/8th of an inch thick of veg-tanned full-grain harness leather. This bag is beefy in more ways than one and without being too heavy.

Designed after Army bags from the 1940s, the Jackson Wayne Leather Messenger Bag is made in USA in Saddle Tan, Vintage Brown, or Black leather sourced from an American tannery that has been in business since 1867. The design is original and unique to Jackson Wayne and accented with thick nylon stitching and antique brass hardware.

It’ll handle a laptop up to 14 inches, or whatever other device we’ll be using well into the future when this bag is still around, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Pick one up and learn the true meaning of leather weights.

Available at Jackson Wayne for $375.