Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Flannel Shirts

Iron Heart is about as no-nonsense as denim brands come. Their wares are functional, heavy, and hard – even when they’re soft. Their latest releases are their takes on a western shirt and a CPO shirt jacket, which was originally the heavy overshirt issued to Chief Petty Officers in the U.S. Navy.

The original CPO shirts had two buttoned breast pockets, thick melamine buttons down the placket, and were made from a heavy melton wool. Iron Heart’s versions…don’t really have any of that. While both of their ultra-heavy shirts are made from a heavy cotton flannel with snap buttons for the plackets and pockets, you’ll get a split-pointed yoke in the front and the back on one and hand warmer pockets on the other.

Available from Self Edge in the Western$340 and the CPO for $400.