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Iron Heart “Yenim” – 18oz. Denim Made With Pulp From Japanese Yen

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but apparently it does go on legs, an assertion proven by Iron Heart’s latest pair of jeans. The Japanese denim stalwart has just released the IH-634S-PD, which is made from a cotton warp and a weft out of recycled Japanese yen notes.

This “yenim,” as they call it, apparently has smaller but denser and stronger fibers, so it has the thickness of a 14oz. fabric but weighs in at a heavier 18oz. All the other Iron Heart details shine through, like hidden rivets, poly-cotton stitching, and a burly leather patch. But you better lay your money down fast, as they don’t anticipate making any more after this batch.

Cash in and cash out for $450 at Iron Heart.