Winter Session’s Latest Shop Apron is Built With a 12oz. Raw Denim

Artists, baristas, metalsmiths — hell, anyone who has the potential to get nice clothes dirty doing what they do — will appreciate Winter Session‘s new Denim Shop Apron. It’s simple, to the point, and willing to take a beating so the rest of your clothes don’t have to.

This no-frills apron is constructed from a 12oz. raw indigo denim, which is on the lighter end of the spectrum but serves nicely as an added outer layer. It’s detailed with brass grommets and cotton cross-back style ties to evenly distribute weight, rather than resting solely on your neck and shoulders. One divided pocket on the chest can hold your pens and smaller tools, while larger items can find their home in the two waist pockets, and all of them are double-stitched for added durability where it’s needed most.

Available for $88 at Winter Session.