Workers Spring/Summer 2017 First Delivery

If you’re in need of a remedy to battle the winter blues, then sit back, kick up those feet, and treat yourself to a visual tour through Workers Spring/Summer 2017 First Delivery. Similar to 2016’s warmer weather drop (dubbed Japanese Maine Vacation Wear), the lineup is brimming with soft fleeces, chambrays, and a healthy mix of chinos and button downs.

However, this year around, the Americana workwear aficionados go deeper in the office prep category and also offer up many more lightweight coat options. Timeless sport coats, blazers, shop coats, and chore coats are on deck in a range of colorways and fabrics, but the real standout is their Mountain Shirt Parka. Windproof and water resistant, the jacket is cut with a classically relaxed silhouette and utilizes a 60% cotton / 40% nylon material which lends well to its functional properties.

But for those really feeling the winter blues, look no further than their 13.75 oz Lot 802 slim-tapered white denim. Interestingly enough, Worker’s alleges that as the denim is woven with a slightly discoloured white weft yarn, one should expect the jean’s color to gradually change with wear. I’m honestly having difficulty envisioning what that would look like, but here’s hoping for a battered pair of their white denim to grace our Fades pages in the future.

Escape the grips of winter by clicking through their entire S/S 2017 First Delivery.