Engineered Garments Greyed Out Fall 2017 Lookbook

Engineered Garments has already blazed past the more lighthearted season of Spring/Summer and is embracing dark tones, heavy materials, and an abundance of layers with their Fall 2017 lookbook.

It seems history weighs heavily upon EG, bringing together a wide variety of designs from multiple bygone eras — from railroad striped coveralls paired with leather bomber jackets to gingham Peter Pan-collared shirts worn with Victorian fur vests. A greyed-out American flag blanket even makes an appearance.

Each piece worn alone or with more conventionally complementary articles of EG will, of course, have a radically different look. But that’s part of the delight of lookbooks: pushing an already cohesive collection even further in a new direction. And, on an editorial note, it’s great to see some age diversity in their model picks.