Indigofera’s Acoma Jacket is Blanket Lined and Waxy

There’s a long list of good reasons why so many dudes love a good work coat. For me, it’s a tie between the clean casual styling and durable construction, because although it’s nice to look sharp, it’s even nicer when you don’t have to worry about busting a seam chopping wood when winter comes around. Indigofera‘s new Acoma Jacket easily hits both of these points, and does so with their own unique spin.

Rather than sticking to just a sturdy 100% cotton grey canvas outer shell, Indigofera took it one step further by adding wax for some extra protection from the elements. This jacket also features a blanket lining, making it versatile enough to wear even in the cooler months (see above about chopping wood). They have added touches of brown corduroy lining on the collar, placket and hem, as well as the two front pocket edges that are also copper rivet reinforced. And finally, it’s all held together with Indigofera’s own logo metal snap buttons.

Available for $525 at Rivet & Hide.