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Iron Heart Indigo 18oz. Vintage Selvedge Denim

At this point, Japanese heavyweight champs Iron Heart have covered their bases in the denim game, proving a popular choice amongst jean enthusiasts in the 21oz.-plus category. With their latest release, however, they prove that they have more to offer than super thick denim. Their latest denim is the brand’s own take on vintage fabric, and they anticipate that it will fade just like jeans from the olden days too.

Weighing in at 18oz., these jeans are a good deal heavier than they were a hundred years ago, but Iron Heart focused their efforts here on the production. The fabric was woven at slow speeds with low tension on antique looms, but utilizes polycotton constructional stitching for strength. It’s also sanforized to prevent unnecessary shrinkage. The result is a denim that is slightly more breathable and airy than their classic 21oz., and it’s expected to show signs of vertical fading with prolonged wear. The rest of the features are par for the IH course – from the button fly to the hidden copper rivets and red selvedge ID. And as the thick veg tan leather patch so kindly suggests, this could be your new favorite rugged wear.

Available in both their straight fit and their Devil’s Cut for $360 at Iron Heart.