Tellason Stock is American-Made Raw Denim for $99

Usually, when higher-end brands introduce more accessible pieces or lines, the raw materials — sometimes questionably sourced—are of lesser quality and integrity to meet the reduced price point. But we’re glad to see SF-based brand Tellason continuing its tradition of transparency with their new, more affordable denim.

So, how’d they drop the price from $200+ to $99 while still producing a Made in USA pair of jeans with raw White Oak denim? A big factor is the loom: Stock jeans are made on a modern machine instead of the vintage Draper shuttle looms. In addition, the fabric forgoes selvedge on the cutting table, and the usual Tanner Goods leather patch has been thinned out in favor of a more basic patch. And for those who don’t readily describe their preferred fit as ‘Ladbroke Grove’ or ‘Ankara,’ the same tailoring applies to the Stock version’s Slim Taper and Straight leg, respectively.

Available from Heddels for $99.