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Viberg’s Tumbled Horsehide Derby Shoe is Built like an Orthopedic

Canadian bootmaker Viberg is taking some wisdom from their elders and kicking geriatric style into high gear with the Tumbled Horsehide Derby Shoe, made on their all-new 1004 (Cantilever) last. The 1004 is based on a vintage orthopaedic shoe, with an ergonomic design that cradles the foot naturally and provides a snug fit. It’s complemented by a noticeably chunky beige 2060 Vibram sole.

Another fun fact: the Derby upper is a long-lost original design done by founder Edwin Viberg, and it makes for a nice visual to imagine the spirit of old Mr. Viberg toodling around in these very shoes. Brass eyelets, mocha binding, a natural storm welt, and brown stitching thread balance out the style with some refined finishing touches.

Made in Canada and available from Superdenim for $683