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Burgus Plus 13.5oz. Indigo Duck Type I Jacket

Looking for a new fade project that’s not quite denim and not at all pants? Then check out Burgus Plus’ Indigo Duck Type I Jacket. Made from 13.5oz. indigo duck canvas, the fades will be high in contrast later down the line. So, if you want mad street cred from the other indigo obsessives out there, this might be the way to do it. But remember, pics or it didn’t happen.

Aside from that glaring fabrication difference, subtle changes like a slimmer profile and Burgus Plus branded hardware (including their signature, somewhat exposed leather washer) make this Type I stand out from the rest. Requisite Type I details like front pleats, a single flap pocket, and cinch back all make the cut here. Better get started.

Available at Okayama Denim for $210.