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Cargo Pants – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Many think of cargo pants as being overly-baggy fashion rejects from the early 2000s but that’s not always the case. While baggy cargo pants aren’t going anywhere, slimmer fitting pants with a of extra storage room have definitely gotten more popular over the last few years. They’re a great alternative if you don’t feel like wearing your raws, and would prefer to stay a bit more casual (and load bearing) than chinos.

1) OrSlow: Slim, 6-Pocket Cargo Pants


OrSlow’s Slim 6-Pocket Cargo Pants are about as simple as they come, and that’s what we love about them. The pattern is quite trim but otherwise fairly classic, featuring the standard six pockets, ventilation, and side tabs at the waist. This pair is constructed from a 100% cotton ripstop fabric in an olive color, and is made in Japan.

Available for $270 from Blue Button Shop.

2) Momotaro: Back Satin Brown Cargo Pants


Momotaro might be known for their jeans, but that doesn’t mean their other styles of pants are anything to scoff at. These Back Satin Brown Cargo Pants are made with the same attention to detail as Momo’s denim but in a totally different style. They are constructed from a 100% cotton, sulfur dyed fabric, which is composed of 50% Zimbabwe cotton and 50% US cotton. It has a bunch of great details, such as an indigo dyed waistband, Momo’s classic peach buttons at the fly, and a fabric Momotaro patch on the back.

Available for $175 from Okayama Denim.

3) Engineered Garments: BDU Pant


Engineered Garments creates some wonderful products, their BDU Cargo Pant a highlight among them. These big pocket pants are constructed from a reverse sateen fabric, and feature everything you’d expect from a military inspired model: six flapped pockets, side tabs, and pleated knees. This style appears to have been slimmed down slightly when compared to vintage cargo pants, but it is still a bit baggier than some other pairs on this list.

Available for $288 from Gentry NYC.

4) Japan Blue: JB2402 Fatigue Cargo Pant in Military Back Satin


I like classic designs as much as the next person but I have to admit, Japan Blue always does a fantastic job modernizing designs to have a slimmer look. Their Fatigue Cargo Pants are about tapered as it gets when it comes to cargo pants, but retain a bit of room in the upper thigh. They are constructed from a military satin fabric, and are made in Japan to ensure solid quality.

Available for $122 from Denimio.

5) Blurhms: 6P Field Pants – Charcoal


Blurhms 6-Pocket Field Pant is a great, modern interpretation of the cargo pant. It features six pockets as one might expect, but only the thigh pockets have flaps — the remaining pockets are side-seam hand pockets and slit back pockets. Sure, you won’t be able to carry around quite as much cargo given those patterning changes, but it does help to create a sleek silhouette.

Available for $200 from Extra Butter.

Plus One – Bleu de Paname: Treillis Suedois Pants Olive Moleskin


Bleu de Paname’s Treillis Suedois Pants might not be traditional cargo pants, but they definitely fill the same niche. With six buttoned pockets you can ensure that your possessions aren’t going anywhere, and look great at the same time. They are constructed in France from an olive moleskin fabric, and feature an adjustable hem (although with no side tabs at the waist).

Available for $94 from Independence.

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