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Naked & Famous Kaiju Monster Selvedge Denim Jacket

One of the last times I was super amped leaving a movie theater was when I saw Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. I went in with low expectations, but as soon as the jaegers and kaijus started to duke it out on a colossal scale, it was like watching the heaviest weight MMA fight. Smash that like button if you agree.

Anyway, Naked & Famous came out with some jeans that use the word ‘kaiju’ in it a while back, and now they’ve made it into a jacket. Fittingly, the fabric is the same as their Kaiju selvedge jeans, a sanforized 16.5oz. selvedge denim that promises heavy fading. It’s cut into the classic Type III denim jacket style with two flap breast pockets, angled front pleats and no hand pockets. Other features include N&F branded buttons, a selvedge-cut placket, and a completely unnecessary shell cordovan leather patch.

Available for $215 exclusively at Tate + Yoko.