Oni ONI-507DGC 20oz. Relaxed Slim Tapered Jeans

The latest release from Oni really puts the green in blue, which is appropriate seeing as they were made in cahoots with Blue in Green. The new ONI-507DGC Relaxed Slim Tapered Jeans are hefty in weight and unique in tones, should you be looking to add some ever-so-slight variety to your already indigo-ridden wardrobe.

Constructed from 20oz. Oni-exclusive super slubby Japanese denim with a deep green cast, this is not your average pair of jeans, though they may look that way at first. They’ll start out as the dark indigo blue you’re used to seeing in many pairs of raw denim, but after prolonged wear, the green will really come through the mix and the slubbiness will be realized in the textured fades that appear. Oni calls this cut ‘Relaxed Slim Tapered’, which more or less speaks for itself, offering more room in the upper block and tapering down below the knees for a fitted form. These jeans feature a deer skin leather patch, 100% cotton thread sewing construction, and are offered in both raw and one-wash options.

Available for $250 at Blue in Green.