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Pure Blue Japan Weighs Heavy With Their 22oz. 013 Selvedge Denim Jeans

In 2017, it’s no secret that heavyweight denim has become increasingly popular. Between the sick fade potential, durability of the fabric, and ability to really confuse your non-denimhead friends when they feel your jeans, there’s plenty to love about them! The latest to throw their card into the heavyweight ring is none other than Pure Blue Japan with their new 22oz. 013 Selvedge Jeans.

Right out of the gate, the fine folks at PBJ want you to know that, although their denim is heavy, it’s far from uncomfortable or overly starchy. In fact, it’s naturally very slubby in texture with a soft hand feel, which guarantees little to no break in time. They’re cut in a slim fit with a slight taper, giving them a refined silhouette, which will also promote some serious honeycombs down the line. PBJ exclusive hardware, blue selvedge line, and signature back pocket leaf detail all come standard, so grab you a pair and experience the power of heavy denim.

Available for $264 at Pure Blue Japan.