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Rogue Territory Introduces Their Proprietary 15oz. Selvedge Denim

Though Rogue Territory has long worked with Nihon Menpu mills in Japan for their denim, they’ve recently released a collaborative effort on a new level of customization to fuel their justly-cultivated cult following. Rogue’s Proprietary 15oz. denim, designed in concert with Nihon Menpu, takes shape in the brand’s two most popular cuts, Stanton and SK, and features an indigo selvedge ID.

You can expect all the other solid details that usually come with RGT gear, like the signature hidden pen pocket and overall reinforcement in the back pockets, hand-silkscreened pocket bags, and a hand-branded leather cowhide patch.

Both cuts are available from Blue Owl Workshop for $240.

CORRECTION: This fabric is apparently not made at Nihon Menpu Mills.