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RRL Indigo Knit Cotton Workshirt

If you’re a fan of vintage, military, and workwear reproductions (just a hunch), RRL makes some of the most interesting interpretations on the market. And their Indigo Knit Cotton Workshirt is a perfect example of a quirky take on a vintage military piece.

Based off of ’40s U.S. Army denim popover workshirts, this one’s been given a comfy twist — instead of using that neppy 2×1 vintage denim, they’ve made it out of an indigo-dyed twill knit. So, it’ll look like a denim shirt while feeling like a cozy flannel. And instead of applying the same knit to the side-entry chest pockets, they went with woven indigo fabric so the pockets won’t get stretched out by your iPad mini.

Available for $295 at Ralph Lauren.