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Tender Type 423 Wallaby Shirts in New Patterns

Maybe you picked up a vertical-striped version of Tender’s Type 423 Wallaby Shirt the last time we covered it, and if you’re dying to cross your lines and make a layered tic-tac-toe board, it’s also available in horizontal stripes.

As was the case previously, the shirt is colored with natural materials — fermented indigo and turmeric, dark grey logwood, or red wattle (derived from the Acacia tree) depending on the colorway. The shirt’s designer, William Kroll, has dubbed this fabric “laundry bag cloth,” so don’t plan to go anywhere too fancy while wearing it — unless you’re headed to a pirate ship gala or perhaps an Indiana Jones tribute event. Melamine buttons and a historical false gathered cuff complete the vintage vibes.

Available from BlackBlue for $316.