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Wesco x Division Road Packstallion Black Tie Domain Boots

Both hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Wesco and Division Road walk in step for their latest collaboration — the Packstallion Black Tie Domain Boots. An iteration of Wesco’s classic Packer style, worn by 1800s army soldiers and twentieth century cowboys alike, the upper is unlined and made using Seidel Tanning Corp.’s Black Tie Domain pull-up leather. The boots stand at seven inches with nickel eyelets, and a cap toe that’s partially structured. Make your way to Pike’s Place, and you can be surefooted walking on slippery cobblestones in the Seattle rain thanks to the Vibram 430 lugged soles, which are stitched to natural leather midsoles.

And, if you happen to be in the PNW on April 1st, Division Road will be hosting an in-store event from 5-8pm that will include custom fittings, a chance to order some very rare women’s Wesco boots, whiskey tasting by Copperworks, and more.

Available exclusively at Division Road for $625.