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Fade of the Day – Baldwin Henley (3+ Years, 1 Wash)

It’s time for Fade Of The Day and we’ve got a pair of Baldwin Henley jeans that have seen almost four years of wear by Dan Wranich, of the USA. Granted, they’re not the most faded jeans we’ve featured, but to go this long with only one wash is pretty hardcore, and there’s still patina that deserves to be seen.

Judging by what we’re seeing here, these Baldwins weren’t worn everyday. They have still seen their fair share of Dan’s adventures though, a list that includes falling out of a moving van! The dye has held up pretty strong, but there are some whiskers creeping through in the lap, and the honeycombs are solid and well-set.

The cuffs, back pocket, and pocket bags have all needed some repairs over the years, but Dan has been quick to the mark to patch them up. And the indigo dye can’t hold on forever, so these Baldwins can only improve over time.