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Iron Heart 7oz. Selvedge Denim Sawtooth Shirt

Iron Heart’s back with another denim shirt for you to sink your saw-teeth into. You may associate the brand with hyper-heavy fabrics and super carved-out fades, but their Selvedge Denim Sawtooth Shirt is constructed with an agile 7oz. fabric, perfect for riding horseback while toting a Colt .45 in the summer months.

As far as sawtooth shirts go, this is a fairly classic effort, but as you’d expect, IH nailed every detail. Real mother-of-pearl snap buttons, red selvedge detail on the inside placket, cuffs, and gusset, and, of course, chain stitch run-off will earn you top heritage brownie-points — but also have your friends asking why you spent $300 on a shirt with threads hanging off it.

Available for $300 at Self Edge and Iron Heart.