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Naked & Famous Black Dobby Denim Bomber Jacket

Contrary to popular belief, dobby denim does not get its name from the house-elf from Harry Potter, of the same name. Nor does it get its characteristic geometric designs and unique textures from the handiwork of tiny house-elves. We at Heddels do not endorse such cruel manufacturing practices. The above jacket, we can assure you, has been made by real human beings.

Naked & Famous presents us with their Black Dobby Denim Bomber Jacket. The dobby denim certainly stands out, and will soften with wear. It’s lined with black geometric print fabric and has convenient hand pockets as well as an inner chest pocket, which you can fill with socks to give to any errant house-elves you may encounter, thus liberating them from their servitude.

Sadly, this dobby is not free. It will cost you about $259 worth of socks at Tate and Yoko.