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Shoehorns – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Shoehorns are a necessary accessory for anyone who appreciates heritage footwear. They not only help to put shoes on quickly, but they also prevent damage to the top outside edge of the shoes–one of the most common places to find damage on vintage pair.

There really isn’t a functional difference between various shoehorns [a credit card will do in a pinch -Ed], although some are built long enough to work with taller boots as well; that said, some just feel better so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites.

1) Fog Linen Works: Brass Shoehorn


Fog Linen Works’ Brass Shoehorn is pretty basic, but it’s inexpensive, attractive, and durable. Constructed from solid brass, it’s sure to develop a nice patina over time. It’s also a bit longer than many department store shoehorns, long enough to help with ankle boots as well as shoes.

Available for $24 from Unionmade Goods.

2) Lue: Brass/Leather Shoehorn


Lue’s Brass and Leather Shoehorns may be a bit more expensive than most other shoehorns on this list, but they’re also aesthetically different from the competition. Made in Japan from solid brass with a leather handle, the 12″ length allows them to be used with boots of just about any height. Each shoehorn is finished with a leather lace loop for easy use and storage.

Available for $100 from Need Supply.

3) Oak Street Bootmakers: Copper Shoehorn


Oak Street Bootmakers’ Copper Shoehorn is simplistic, but its unique finish and shape will certainly speak to a lot of consumers. The metal is tumbled with ceramic and walnut shells, which gives it a memorable finish. They’re made in USA to assure quality and keep the manufacturing local, and the slightly wider and shorter shape will help get your shoes on in a flash.

Available for $16 from Oak Street Bootmakers.

4) Abbeyhorn: Leffot Shoehorn


Leffot’s custom branded Abberyhorn Shoehorns are functional and attractive without breaking the bank. Each shoehorn is unique in color due to the natural state of the material (they put the “horn” in shoehorn), and the ergonomic design allows it to be comfortably used with boots of most heights.

Available for $45 from Leffot.

5) Slow: Leather/Brass Shoehorn Keychain


Slow’s Leather/Brass Shoehorn Keychains are made by Tochigi Leather, a Japanese leather company that’s been operating since 1937. They’re a bit smaller in design than traditional shoehorns, but that’s what allows them to be used as a keychain without being overly cumbersome. Available in three unique, vegetable tanned leathers, each one is paired with brass hardware.

Available for 89CAD from Blue Button Shop.

Plus One –  Abbeyhorn: Horn Shoehorn with Stag Handle


Abbeyhorn’s Shoehorn with Stag Handle is pretty much the highest end shoehorn available. Made by Abbeyhorn, a horn crafting company founded in 1749, these shoehorns are made in Scotland from two different types of horn: simple cow for the body, and stag for the handle. The stag horn is left in a very natural state to give these shoehorns a bit of an accent, but the cow horn is highly polished. Each one is 13″ long, so they’ll work with just about any boots you own.

Available for $75 from Skoaktiebolaget.

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