Arpenteur Cotton Linen Denim Service Pant

I spent a semester abroad in Paris last year, and my biggest regret (besides not eating a baguette on a moving Vespa) was that I never bought any of the cool French workwear that I found in some of the vintage stores I visited. I still occasionally wake up in a cold sweat remembering the chore coats and work pants I left behind.

My only hope is to either go back or pick up these pants from Arpenteur. Stateside, Arpenteur is your best bet for getting authentic French workwear and military-inspired gear. But, even better than buying vintage, they rework their wares with a modern twist and these Cotton Linen Denim Service Pants are no exception.

Double-pleated and tapered, these trousers look great and will help you blend in with the fashionable residents of the Marais or Montmartre. And the one wash cotton/linen blend means summer-time fades without the break-in period or general sweatiness.

Pull on the Service Pants and zoom away on your Vespa into the Parisian sunset. Just bring a baguette and leave room for me, I need to check something off my bucket list.

Available for $260 at Unionmade.