Battenwear Light Shell Parka

The classics aren’t the classics if they’re left for dead, and as such, Battenwear designer, Shinya Hasegawa, has done his part to keep the parka alive with this season’s iteration. Made in the NY Garment District, their Light Shell Parka meets all the requirements for a functional hooded jacket that also happens to be deceptively high-tech.

The 100% polyester piece is water-repellent, maintains an assortment of pockets one would need for adventures on or off-road, and discrete adjustments for finding the perfect fit at both the mid-line of the waist and each wrist. Other details include metal eyelets at the armpits and a drawstring hood with leather adjusters.

It looks like the parka is alive and well.

$540 CAD over at North American Quality Purveyors.