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Fade of the Day – Unbranded UB201 (2.5 Years, 7 Washes, 2 Soaks)

It’s time for Fade Of The Day, and this time around we have a fittingly-anonymous Unbranded UB201 submission from Europe. Over two-and-a-half years of hard wear has gone into this pair of jeans, and they’ve certainly been around the block—from travelling around Europe by rail to conducting field work in Death Valley, California.

The continuous wear has led to seven washes and two soaks, and the denim is now a light and washed-out blue. The lap has faded so much that the whiskers are starting to fade away with it, but the honeycombs are well-set and strong enough to be seen from the frontside of the knees. We’ve also got some nice roping on the hems—always a bonus.

Unbranded UB201 Raw Denim Jeans