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Freenote Cloth’s Newest Waxed Riders Jacket is Another Reason to Save the Bees

If mankind’s impending starvation isn’t reason enough to save the bees, maybe this waxy-as-hell Freenote Cloth Riders Jacket is, because it’ll have you buying locally produced honey and planting flowers at every available opportunity.

This summer update of Freenote’s signature jacket is constructed from 10oz. Millerain canvas that’s been heavily coated with beeswax. And not only will this lead to epic patina-gains, but it’ll also help protect you from summer showers. The jacket features a lightweight chambray lining and fully functional elastic shoulder gussets, which means extra comfort and mobility if you want to carry it through ’til winter by wearing it over some layers.

Available at Franklin and Poe for $400.