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Iron Heart IH-816-OLV Olive Cotton Whipcord Work Pants

Iron Heart lives up to their name yet again, dropping another piece that’s ready to be thrashed, beaten, and put to the test — this time in the form of actual work pants. The new IH-816-OLV Olive Cotton Whipcord Work Pants are designed with heavy wear in mind… so don’t treat ’em kind. Did I just write their new slogan?

To be a bit more specific, this 11oz. whipcord fabric consists of hard-twisted yarns with a diagonal rib, woven in a twill pattern similar to gabardine. If that sounded like Pig Latin to you, just know that this material is tough, considering it is most often used in outerwear and to make some incredibly durable workers clothing.

These pants feature a zip fly, sewn-in belt loops, and heavy twill pocket bags. One of the two rear pockets is secured by an Iron Heart snap button so you can be sure not to lose your wallet throughout the daily grind. They are washed once to remove shrinkage, while providing the best fit and the most comfort.

Available for $275 at Iron Heart.