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Iron Heart’s Latest T-Shirts Weigh Almost as Much as Your Average Jeans

A list of standard weight-classes reads, in ascending order from lightest to heaviest: featherweight, lightweight, mid-weight, heavyweight, Brock Lesner, and super duper heavyweight. That’s science, and you can check the back of any periodic table for proof.

(Please don’t. I don’t even know if there’s anything on the back of a periodic table. I had placemat with a periodic table on it once and I remember that K is potassium. That’s pretty much it. Anyways. T-shirts.)

If you’re into that last entirely made-up category, Iron Heart — because it’s Iron Heart — decided to make the Super Duper Heavy 11oz. T-Shirt, and it’s what Self Edge is calling “the heaviest weight t-shirt [they’ve] ever seen.”

Made in Japan from an 11oz. knit cotton fabric — Iron Heart’s own, because it’s an 11oz. knit cotton and literally no one else would do that — and cut slim, this beast features a ribbed collar, ribbed cuffs and a straight hem.

But size this one up — it’s unwashed and will definitely shrink at least half a size when washed.

Available in black, and in white for $160 at Self Edge.